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Arun Gee: Humble Beginnings to Global Success

Photo of Arun Gee, man with short black hair and a suit, smiling confidently.

Arun Gee, also known as Guru Gee, is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. Born in a middle-class family in Delhi, India (November 29, 1981), his passion for business emerged at a young age (16). Despite his background, Arun’s determination fueled his pursuit of success.

A Visionary Leader

Arun’s journey began in 2002, at the young age of 21. Inspired by Indian business leaders, he embarked on a venture that would blossom into the Excellency Group of Companies. Over the years, the group has expanded its footprint across three countries, solidifying its global presence. In 2020, Arun further diversified his holdings with the establishment of Excellency Holdings.

Entrepreneurs like Arun possess the unique ability to think outside the box and translate ideas into reality. Their creative spark, coupled with a boldness to dream big, sets them apart. Trust forms the cornerstone of their success, a principle that Arun exemplifies through all his ventures.

Within a short span of five years, Arun’s companies have made a remarkable impact. From their base in New Delhi, India’s capital, their reach extends across the globe. This growth is a testament to the unwavering trust instilled by Arun Gee and the sheer dedication poured into his businesses.

Multi-faceted Business

Arun’s ventures encompass a diverse range of industries, including real estate development, construction, hospitality, oil exploration, education, and even IT. This diversification highlights his keen business acumen and ability to identify opportunities across various sectors.

Arun’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond established companies. He actively fosters innovation by being a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. His portfolio boasts investments in nearly 15 startups, with a significant contribution to the growth of seven of them.

Arun Gee’s story is an inspiring saga of unwavering determination, a clear vision, and unwavering commitment to entrepreneurial excellence. His ventures continue to shape various industries, both domestically and internationally, leaving a lasting impact on the business landscape.

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